Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life lately

I usually let the photos pretty much speak for themselves with my "life lately" posts, but I thought maybe this go round (and maybe even going forward) I could give a little bit more insight as to what I have been up to these days. And after looking back at my pics, I feel like it's been a pretty busy couple of weeks! 

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned it was Birmingham Restaurant Week, so my friend Ashley and I took full advantage and hit up a three course meal at 26. It was amazing, especially the company! And yeah, the dessert clearly wasn't too bad either. 

One day after work, I was lucky enough to squeeze in a little reading time out on my back patio. It would've been a lot better if the mosquitos weren't all trying to suck the life out of me. 

Last weekend was my niece Callie's first birthday party. It was hot, but still a lot of fun. Even if Callie didn't quite know what to do with the smash cake. 

After much debate, I finally decided on hitting up the Milk Carton Kids/The Lumineers/Old Crowe Medicine Show concert at the Alabama Theatre on my own. It was definitely a wise decision even if it did cost a bit more than I wanted to pay. Even so, I am so much more excited that the Lumineers are coming back alone to the Workplay theater on Oct. 18th...and yeah, it's already sold out! Super glad I got my ticket the second they went on sale. 

The very next night after the show, I met my friend Joy and her husband back at the Alabama theater for the opening night of the Sidewalk Film Festival. Joy works for Regions bank, who is a big sponsor of the event, so I was lucky to snag one of her free comp tickets. It's always good to see Joy and Justin and the film turned out to be a really good, too. 

Then this past weekend was the opening of college football and I have to say I was pretty well pleased with the finish of the Bama vs. Michigan game...Roll Tide!

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