Monday, March 11, 2013

Music Monday: Current obsessions

Here are the top five albums/artists I can't quit listening to at the moment.

Artist: Carolina Story
Album: Home (listen here)
Why I love it: Their lyrics are beautifully honest. Plus there's a lovely mix of foot stomping, hand clapping, good time songs and sweet, slow love songs. 
Favorite song: Eek! It's a toss up between "Feet Keep Movin Still" & "53 Days"
For fans of: The Civil Wars, Elenowen

Album: HEAT (listen here)
Why I love it:  Simply can't get enough of Lucy Michelle's quirky, vintage-tinted voice.
Favorite song: Oh Home
For fans of: April Smith & The Great Picture Show, Luella & the Sun

Album: From the Ground Up (listen to a sample here)
Why I love it: It's just nitty gritty good stuff. 
Favorite song: Satan and St. Paul
For fans of: Shovels & Rope, Leo Kottke

Artist: Kestone Cobblers Club 
Album: One, for Words (listen here)
Why I love it:  Any band that can pull off blending a tuba, an accordian, keys & more (plus folksy vocals!) in the lineup is more than a-ok in my book. 
Favorite song: You-Go & The Curve
For fans of:  Toote Toote, Evening Chorus, The Head & The Heart

Artist: The Lighthouse and the Whaler
Album: This is an Adventure (listen on Spotify)
Why I love it: To me it sounds like a blend of Ra Ra Riot and Phoenix. Who knew that could be such an amazing combination?
Favorite song: Pioneers
For fans of: Ra Ra Riot, Phoenix

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