Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Monday: Lucius & David Ramirez

Sometimes you seek out shows. You know you love the band and you've spent weeks waiting for them to come in town. Then other times you have a crazy bit of luck where you stumble upon a show and witness a bit of magic.

I have to admit that's exactly what Lucius was for me. I actually went to Workplay to see The Mowgli's, but it was the opening band (Lucius) that I enjoyed more...way more. (side note: I actually ended up not liking the mowgli's live. I'm just not one for that much..."energy." It all seemed a bit much and showy. Put me off completely.)

Anyhow, I was intrigued at the get-go when I walked into Workplay and saw the matching peplum jumpsuits the girls of Lucius were wearing, along with their sci-fi-ish updo hair styles. But it was their mind-altering harmony that really did me in. Then fast forward to ending the set with the quintent (2 girls, 3 boys) coming down to the floor (literally) to sing acapella and play drums with the ground and beer bottles...I was a goner. I can't help it. Accoustic endings and using odd items as instruments are my musical kryptonite. I will definitely be on the lookout for these guys to come back to the Ham.

Lucius ending their set on the floor.

I went back to Workplay on Friday night to see David Ramirez perform. I get the feeling I will be on a first name basis with the door staff here pretty soon. They definitely recognized me. I'm a music junkie, what can I say?

Anyhow, it was worth the trip. David Ramirez was pretty amazing. He has this powerful, full, round and beautiful voice that draws you in and leaves you hanging onto and believing every single thing he says. I think in one word you'd call that "genuine," but we all know brevity is not a strength of mine.

There's also something about his sound that makes me feel like I should be in car traveling across the country while listening to his music with my windows down. Who knows? Hopefully one day maybe I will. He does at least have an EP coming out in May called The Rooster. So that's a good start. And he has also started chronicling his adventures on the road, which I for one am psyched about. I mean who hasn't ever wanted to go along for the ride with a musician? Well, now you can. Sort of.

David Ramirez at Workplay

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