Thursday, March 7, 2013

What to wear: Bridal Tea

I had hoped to get this posted last week before I went to a bridal tea for Ashley on Sunday, but forgive me
as I was at Disney World with the fam last week and it was non stop adventure—no time for blogging!

Regardless, I think this is a timely post no matter what time of year since bridal teas seem to always be going
on year round. Since a tea is a bit of a dressy occasion, I tend to wear my "Sunday best." But really, any
nice dress or pants will do.

In this post, I've thrown in a flowy godessy look from Giuliana to illustrate how you can still be occasion
appropriate even if you aren't into more structured types of clothing. And there's also a fun blazer/silver pant
combo from Naomi Watts in case you are feeling a bit more trendy and adventurous. (However, you might
want to save the cream/white/silver combo for the bride-to-be to wear!) Otherwise, you can never go wrong
with black and white combos or anything bright, colorful, or patterned and in tailored options.

Just remember to keep it all balanced...and classy.

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