Friday, November 15, 2013

Design project: Little girl pink piggie birthday party invitation

It seems that I haven't had a design post in quite some time. Probably because I have been so busy actually completing said design projects! Anyhow, this is long overdue, but it's too cute not to share.

Sometime back in September my friend Lauren of Something Blue Events reached out to me for design work for a little girl's birthday party that she was planning. It seemed that Lila was turning two in late October, which happened to fall at perfect timing with the family's annual fall festival on their farm. So naturally, a pink piggie party was themed. And what a theme it was!

There wasn't a single small detail that was overlooked. We designed invitations and coinciding directional cards and even a pink gingham band to hold all of the stationery pieces together. We also used a circle sticker to seal the outside of the envelope together and this same design was used to create a label for the water bottles at the party.

It truly was an adorable idea that was executed magnificently. I was so happy to be a part of setting the initial aesthetic for the birthday celebration. I only wish I lived closer and actually knew the family so I could've attended the event! Instead, I settled for the photos that you can also see here on Lauren's blog.

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Marlen said...

haha ok what an adorable theme- pink piggy party! and that font i used in my "coffee break" graphic is called treehouse- i think i got it off of

xo marlen
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