Monday, November 25, 2013

Life lately

Well, it's been a couple of fun-filled weeks since I last did a "life lately" post. It started with the big special event, Taste of Triumph that benefits Triumph Services, which is the non-profit whose junior board I serve on. It's always great spending time with the Martucci's, but since Joy has such a giving heart, I was truly excited for her to see more of what Triumph is all about. It was a great night with great friends, and most importantly, Triumph pretty much met their fundraising goals for the night!

Things didn't slow down much from there (as per usual). That following weekend J and I attended a surprise party for one of our friends and then the next morning I crawled out of bed early to do my first ever solo trail run at Red Mountain Park. I couldn't believe I actually found my way out of the park and also avoided a fall—huge success! Then that afternoon I went climbing at Moss Rock with Beth and a couple of guys from the gym. I was pretty stoked to make this big move at Lost Roof. Too bad I didn't finish the problem and "send." Oh well, it'll be a project I guess!

The following weekend's highlight was a Friendsgiving dinner at the Little's house with some friends of mine and J's from church. Since these are technically more J's friends than mine, I felt honored to be invited to this special occasion. The food was incredible, conversation was awesome and of course Bonnie's decor was gorgeous. It was such a great night.

Then this past weekend, I hosted the Bham Framgiving that we called "Fiesta Gracias" since we were having Mexican food instead of a traditional turkey day feast. Sadly Cassidy made it out the door before we thought to take a pic - sorry Cass! Anyhow, it was also a great night filled with food, fun and games (literally). I love these people and just don't get to see them enough these days.

The rest of my time has been spent catching up with friends over dinner and coffee and even seeing a couple of movies with J (btw, I totally recommend Gravity. It is intense, but you have to see it. It's so beautiful). One of the movies I actually dragged him to (instead of him dragging me). It was a two-part climbing film at the Reel Rock Film Fest, which was followed with a late night dinner with Beth, Phil and Justin. Good times!

Oh and J and I also got to see Carolina Story perform at the Red Cat when they came into town last week. Turns out they were also filming for a PBS show and everything was decorated and lit beautifully. And of course Ben and Emily sounded great and I'm loving their new songs. It was so good to be able to catch up and hang out with them after the show, too. Hoping to get up to Nashville at some point and hang with them on their turf sometime soon.

Whew! Well, I think that covers it! Hopefully next time I won't wait so long to update and you don't have to hear quite as many details. Hope yall have had a great couple of weeks too!

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