Monday, November 18, 2013

Take a walk on the wild side

I don't think I've ever worn as much animal print as I have in the past month. I used to be majorly opposed to leopard print and I didn't take too kindly to snake or other similar prints. But I think this was mostly because I didn't know how to wear animals prints without seeming like I was trying to look sexy or worse, just end up looking cheap. Hopefully I've moved past both of those fashion faux paus though. Guess I'll let you guys be the judge of that!

It's funny because now that I have embraced wearing animal prints, I have really embraced them. I just keep mixing them together and really loving the outcome. Here I am this time mixing a leopard top with a snakeskin belt. And in case you missed the last animal print mixing ensemble, you can see it here.

Here's this cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. Dress, Gulf Shores ($29.99)
2. Leopard top, Old Navy ($19.50)
3. Jacket, Know Style ($39.99)
4. Boots, The Clotheshorse consignment ($32.50)
5. Purse, Charlotte Russe ($9.99)
6. Belt, Charlotte Russe ($5.99/3 pk)
7. Tungsten ring, c/o Modern Design
8. Vintage cocktail ring, gifted
9. Sunglasses, gifted

Total: Under $150.00

Photos: Leslie Evans

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Tess Bigando said...

love the sunglasses!

in good faith,