Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My five favorite e-newsletters

The best part about most advice? It's free of course! As a self-proclaimed cheapskate, this is just one reason why I love e-newsletters so much (which, btw, I unashamedly admit to being subscribed to about 20 e-newsletters). Besides being free, e-newsletters are also great because they come directly to you. There's no work at all involved on your part except for the initial effort of supplying your email address. I usually get ideas or inspiration or learn new things from the e-newsletters that I subscribe to, so much that I like to either archive them in my email for review later or print them to paste into my lookbook (yes, I have taken the time to create a tangible lookbook). But on the off chance that I don't like that particular edition, it's just one click away from being deleted.  There are also e-newsletters designed to bring you great deals or contests and giveaways. Looking at all these amazing reasons for subscribing to e-newsletters, I'm starting to wonder why I don't subscribe to more!

Here are my top five favorite e-newsletters. In no particular order, of course....I had a hard enough time picking just five, I can't narrow them down to which one is my favorite!

Lucky Daily
A fantastic fashion snapshot that usually includes a link to a fabulous Lucky giveaway. I love the "daily" edition simply because it's a quick read. Just a couple of pics and links to look at and boom, you're back to work.

Sign up to receive this gem of an e-newsletter here. (hint: scroll down to the bottom of the home page, they have more than one great e-newsletter you can subscribe to)

I usually get great trend advice or inspiration to create new outfits from the girls WWWD feature on their e-newsletter.

Sign up to receive this daily fashion boost here.

Veer Visual Elements Update
As a "creative," I love to look at whatever Veer sends me. There's always great design inspiration waiting for me in a Veer e-mail.

Sign up to receive this dose of design inspiration here.

Paste Lifeline
Why take the time from your busy day to look up the latest on upcoming bands and A-rated movies when Paste does it for you...and delivers it straight to your inbox?

Sign up for this instant-piece-of-cool-knowledge e-newsletter here. (hint: scroll down and look on the right hand side for the box that says "Follow Paste" and click on the letter icon)

NPR Song of the Day
It's kinda like the Lucky Daily for music, offering you just one new song to check out a day. If you like that song, then you can go look up the band on Grooveshark to see if you like the rest of their music, like I told you about here.

Sign up for automatic bragging rights to claiming you heard the band first via this e-newsletter here.

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