Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free fun: The public library

Just a few things I picked up at the library this past weekend. 

I think far too many people overlook the abounding potential for fun at their local public library. At least I know that I used to be one of them. I mean, I used to buy books instead of just checking them out. And I used to pay to rent movies, not knowing that the library also had movies available for rent, only for free instead. Not to mention the countless CDs I used to buy, only to find out later, that a lot of times the library will have the same albums I have been looking for, except yet again, for FREE! The best part about the library, other than it being free of course, is that you can simply go online to your local library's website and request whatever material you are looking for—whether it be a new novel, a classic film or an album release—and when it becomes available for pickup, they will call you with an alert! And people say you have to pay for convenience?!

But this is only the tip of the iceberg of what your local public library has to offer. I think several also have board games available, use of computers and Internet, classes and seminars to attend, book clubs to join and I know that a lot of our public libraries here in Birmingham have amazing FREE events like the Bards and Brews poetry slam held every first Friday at the Birmingham Public Library downtown. I have been to this event and can attest that it is great free fun—you will be inspired, laugh a little and quite possibly want to cry, a lot. The Hoover Public Library also has a great event lineup, which you can find here. And as much as I enjoy the library, I can only imagine if I were a child or if I had children, because there are TONS of events and services that are geared towards entertaining the kiddos. Seriously y'all, the list goes on and on as to what your library has to offer.

In Birmingham alone, we are lucky to have several fantastic libraries to choose from, but today I'm highlighting one of the newest ones: The Library in the Forest at Vestavia Hills. If you haven't been yet, why haven't you?! It is beyond beautiful and peaceful and modern. And with so many large windows to let the sunlight and the view inside, you can catch up on a great read in one of their little nooks, while feeling like you are in the great outdoors. Or if you prefer, there's great patio seating outside as well! And did I mention they have a cafe too? Seriously, why aren't you at the library already? Or actually, wait until Sunday. For some reason that's one of my favorite Sunday afternoon things to do. And judging by the parking lot last Sunday, I'd say I'm not alone in that thinking!

Exterior of the Library in the Forest.

A sneak peek of the interior of the Library in the Forest.

I am loving the decor of the library. So modern, yet also retro. And just look at that view!

So don't be left behind, check out your local library today to see all the great things it has to offer you.

Here just a few public libraries in the Birmingham area:
Birmingham Public Library - Central Location
• The Library in the Forest at Vestavia Hills
Hoover Public Library
Homewood Public Library
Emmet O'Neal Library at Mountain Brook


Anonymous said...

thanks for outing one of my new favorite places. bonus for me the library in the forest is in walking distance.

claire said...

I'm a huge fan of the library (and love, love the new one, although the Hoover library has a better selection). Another exciting freebie from the library that I just discovered is their downloadable books (both audio and eBooks). It's entirely free, and I downloaded the app for my smartphone. So now while i feed the baby, I read books on my phone with one hand. Very convenient...

christen said...

oh wow, free downloads?! that is HUGE I had no idea! and yes Hoover has a better selection, but the Vestavia one is just so pretty now!

and amy, sorry I outted your fav place, but you brought it on yourself since you were the one who told me it was finally open. ha, kidding!