Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grooveshark picks for February

Artist: Alabama Shakes
Album: Alabama Shakes EP
Why I love it: It sounds so different from everything else I have been listening to lately.
For fans of: James Brown, The Black Keys
Bonus: They have a forthcoming full album that will drop on April 3rd. Get excited. They are also coming to Workplay here in Bham at the end of March, but sadly it's already sold out.

Artist: Gotye
Album:  Making Mirrors
Why I love it: For starters, the song
"Somebody that I used to know." And also because of the diverse sound of the album. 
For fans of: The Strokes, Bon Iver, The Police (trust me, I know this is a weird combo but it totally works)

Artist: Miike Snow
Album:  Miike Snow
Why I love it: One word. dance. 
For fans of: Prince, Daft Punk
Bonus: You can stream all of his music
via his website here.

Why I love it: It's beautiful folk music at its finest with some great upbeat moments.
For fans of: Seryn, The Decemberists,
Florence and the Machines

Why I love it: It's fun and upbeat. It's impossible to not tap your foot and listen to
this album. Just try it.  
For fans of: Bluegrass, Nickel Creek,
Sarah Jarosz