Monday, February 6, 2012

Skirt to dress, Vol. 2

I know I've proclaimed my love about turning skirts into dresses before. It's one of my favorite ways to extend my wardrobe and it also makes me feel like I am being creative with my outfits. So when I first spied this skirt at a thrift sore several months ago, I immediately considered it as a possible fall or winter dress with a sweater layered on top of it. I just consider it an added bonus that I can also wear it as a skirt. So stay tuned on to what I pair it with as a skirt.

In the meantime, get creative looking in your own closet and see what skirts you can wear as both a skirt and a dress.

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:
1. Dress/Skirt, thrifted ($2.99)
2. J. Crew Sweater, Rugged Warehouse ($8.99)
3. Boots, Cato ($24.99)
4. BCBGirls Bag, Zoe's ($30.00)
5. Knee socks, H&M ($14.00)
6. Men's belt, GAP ($34.99)
7. Leaf ring, Charm (gifted)
8. Flower headband, Urban Outfitters ($9.50)
9. Earrings, Charlotte Russe ($2.99/6 piece set)
10. Sunglasses, Venice Beach ($7.00)

photos: Laura Menconi

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Analisa said...

This outfit looks so comfy! I love your dress :)