Friday, February 17, 2012

Plated: HIMYM and WWWD

I knew from the second I saw the WWWD Go Buy Now: Heart Prints post that I wanted to do something with a heart pattern in a graphic design element. It just so happened that I was approached to do a wedding shower invitation this week and since I had tucked that heart nugget of information away, it came in handy for inspiration!

I've also been spending entirely too much time with the TV series How I Met Your Mother these days (just ask my friends, they'll tell you I reference and quote it way too much). I got the first five seasons for Christmas and if there's any down time in my life, I immediately press play on the DVD player. Recently I saw the epi where Ted picks up the yellow umbrella that belongs to his future (which we have still YET to find out who she is).

So as I was thinking about the wedding shower invites and hearts I also thought about using an umbrella for a real rain shower and I decided that as cheesy and easy as it might seem, I still wanted to put those images all together and see what the outcome would be. It was just good fortune that one of the wedding colors was yellow, so I could use that for the umbrella. See invite below.

I think they turned out great and I love them, even if they are a bit lovey-dovey and over-the-top girly. What do you guys think? Adorable and cute? Or is it too much mushy yucky love stuff?