Friday, June 22, 2012

The dish on Framily

I've been giving a lot of thought to my blog lately. Maybe too much. Mostly I waver on the idea of whether I should keep it up or not. Not because I don't love doing it, I totally do. It's just a lot of work and a lot of time and so I start to wonder if maybe I couldn't be doing something more "constructive" with the time it takes to plan outfits and photoshoots and scour the internets for deals and steals. You know, something like volunteering. Or studying my Bible. But in reality I think I know I'd just use that extra time to either hang out with friends or spend it crushing struggling improving at the climbing gym.

So ultimately, the blog continues to win (for now).

This means I spend the other part of this 'blog thinking time' of considering that if I do keep up the blog, how can I make it better. So I started thinking that it seems that I don't share much personal info with you guys. And how can I connect with readers if I don't share something a little bit about me other than what type of clothes and accessories I like and how little I like to spend on them?

That's why I've decided to do a new column called "The dish" once a month where I will dish out just a little something on who I am and what's really going on in my life. Excited? Yeah, you should be! (sarcasm. it doesn't read well online does it?)

So this month's dish that I am sharing is about my framily. I have a super close knit group of friends and we refer to ourselves as framily. Because we are just friends, but we're so close that we consider ourselves to be family, too. So put it together and boom, you've got framily.

I love these guys. I think back to my mid-20s to present day and I think about how different I am because they have been such a positive influence on my life. They keep me grounded. They hold me accountable. But most importantly, they make me laugh along the way! I truly can't imagine where I would be now without them in my life.

Sadly we all have to grow up eventually and the past couple of years or so we have been a little bit split up with some of us here in Birmingham, others in NYC and others in North Carolina. But no matter how far apart we are, we manage to make time for each other.

We email. We call. We text. We skype (ok, so not as much lately, we need to work on that!). We visit each other. And we use abuse the heck out of an app called GroupMe that allows us to all be on one huge long text thread that we can all see and chime in on.

Sometimes you feel closer to each other than other days, but I never feel too far away. And honestly, there have probably been times when we have been too close and all up in each other's business! But you know, that's what framily does. We care, so we intervene. And it's always done in love. And I am thankful to have friends who love each other so much that they will tell each other when they think you're making a mistake, but are there for you in spite of those decisions.

And that's my love letter to my framily.

I miss you guys and I am excited that most all of us will be together soon for the upcoming holiday. Em, quit your fabulous new job and join us! Kidding of course, but you know you'll be missed. We'll just have to skype you in!

ps. I also have other amazing friends that aren't technically part of the "framily" but that doesn't mean I don't love or appreciate them any less. You know who you are!

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Torry said...

you're the freakin' best!