Friday, June 15, 2012

Plated: Mid-century mod

If only blog posts could have a drum roll....I would totally use one for this post.

I am so excited about these invitations I designed for an amazing good friend of mine's wedding reception. You might remember Natasha? I've already completed one plated post for her save the dates and then she also had the smashing guest blog post about her thrifting finds for the month of May.

Clearly Natasha is a huge fan of all things mid-century America right now (who isn't though, right?). So when talking with her, she mentioned wanting that type of aesthetic incorporated into the "real" invitations. I told her that I had already been thinking about using the movie "Catch Me If You Can" as inspiration because I felt like her reception and vow renewal ceremony involved transportation for most people and somehow that movie popped in my head when considering this. Then the fact that she told me she had been thinking "Mad Men" as well for inspiration only further validated by initial thoughts and I was ecstatic.

The first draft I created was ok. I used her same colors as last time and drew out a little red Chevy and used an app to "Mad Men" the happy couple—Greg and Natasha. Then for the insert regarding the Jamaica trip, I kept the transportation theme and drew out a plane and of course, a tropical island. It was cute, but maybe a little too casual and cutesy. So Natasha and I talked and she threw a couple of ideas my way and said she and Greg really like streamlined fonts and boom, that was all I needed.

I scratched the illustrated image of the couple and let the focus be on the font and words instead. I kept thinking about how this was kind of an annoucement too, so I continued to utilize little banners as a sneaky way to illustrate the main idea of each invitation. I also used the shape of old school signs to further enhance the announcement vibe I was going for. And here's the end product of what I think is a pretty swanky collaboration from me, Natasha and Greg. Maybe the three of should work together more often!

What do you guys think? Are you "swept away" by our final design?

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