Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back of the closet: 1970s choir dress

I bought this fantastic 1970s choir dress (that's what these are called right?) a little over a year ago at a Goodwill in a small town. I've worn it maybe a handful of times, but I felt like since I've had it for so long it still qualified as a "back of the closet" post. So I grabbed a couple of fun different accessories and decided that was enough to piece together something that felt "new" for just another Thursday at the office. I like that adding a couple of different accessories qualifies as a new outfit for me!

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. Vintage choir dress, thrifted ($2.99)
2. Platform sandals, Charlotte Russe ($16.25)
3. Bag, gifted (thanks Joy!)
4. Gold hair accessory, Urban Outfitters (??)
5. Statement earrings, gifted (thanks mom!)
6. Bangles, gifted (thanks Ashley!)
7. Vintage flower cocktail ring, gifted
8. Gold disco cocktail ring, ATL market ($4.00)
9. Thumb ring, Charlotte Russe ($2.99 - part of stackable set)
10. Sunglasses, Forever21 ($5.80)

Total: Under $50

Photos: Laura Menconi

ps. I broke my arm at the climbing gym last night. yeah awesome. So this means there prob won't be an outfit post for a while and my regular blogging might be intermittent as well. Oh injuries.

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