Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grooveshark picks for June

Artist: Act As If
Album: The Iron is Hot - EP
Why I love it: I love stealing music ideas from other bloggers like Jennifer. She mentioned them on a recent post, so I had to check em out. It's good old fashioned easy listening mixed with a few "get excited" type of songs. (I'm sure this description makes zero sense to anyone but me.)
For fans of: Of Monsters and Men, One Republic

Artist: John Mayer
Album: Born and Raised
Why I love it: Just when I've completely given up on Johnny (yeah, I call him Johnny. That's normal, right?) he goes and creates a phenomenal record like this one about trying to (finally) grow up. I love that, like his first album, several of his clever lyrics seem to closely mirror my own thoughts lately.
For fans of: John Mayer, Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah Dogs

Artist: Enoch Light
Why I love it: Major kudos to Natasha for turning me on to Enoch Light. Because of her blog post, I checked him out and this is some seriously rad stuff. So retro and hip. I feel like I am pool side in LA in the 1950s. 
For fans of: Swanky music. (I am new to this genre so I have no idea what similar artists would be)

Artist: Givers
Album: In Light
Why I love it: It's fun and upbeat and so far it's always been able to put me in a good mood.
For fans of: Florence and the Machine, Ra Ra Riot, Local Natives

Artist: Twin Sister 
Album: In Heaven
Why I love it: It's got an underlying tone of the 80s. Not too much, but just enough.
For fans of: Tennis, Blouse

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