Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Takeout containers

Ok, I realize that after I make this post, I am going to seem like the most ridiculous cheapskate (and, ahem, perhaps a bit of a hoarder?!) ever. But honestly it's less about saving money and more about doing the little things to help save our planet.

I've mentioned before about how I have a hard time throwing away containers like glass jars so I like to wash out anything I purchase from the grocery store and find new ways to use them. Well, I have pretty much the same sentiment with any plastic takeout container that is sturdy enough for reuse.

Basically one day I got Chinese food and was surprised to find the container for the chicken was a pretty fab plastic tupperware type of piece. I decided I couldn't throw it away or put it in the recycle bin, but that I should instead wash it because it was the perfect size for using to take leftovers to work. Then one day at work I got sushi and I started to trash the container but immediately retracted and took it home to wash and reuse instead. There's nothing like taking home a dirty takeout container to make you feel like a crazy tight wad! Oh well, I am who I am I guess!

But I've found that these containers are my absolute favorite way to bring salads to work. They are just the perfect shapes and sizes. So before you trash your next takeout dish, stop and think if there's another way you could reuse it. You could pack your lunch in it, use it for tools or arts and craft storage or anything really. The possibilities are endless.

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Logan J. Skew said...

hey, that was a gr8 idea..thank for the info.

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