Monday, July 29, 2013

Music Monday: Current obsessions

Artist: The Olms
Album: The Olms (listen here on Grooveshark)
Why I love it: It sounds like it came straight 
out of the 1970s. 
Favorite song(s): On the Line, Twice as Nice
For fans of: The Beatles, The Beach Boys

Artist: Hey Marseilles
Album: Lines We Trace (listen on spotify)
Why I love it: It sounds like something you 
would hear under a magical 'big top' tent. 
Yes, that sounds crazy, but just go with me on it. 
Favorite song(s): Tides, Dead of Night
For fans of: The Decemberists, Ivan & Alyosha

Artist: Johnnyswim
Album: Heart Beats (listen here)
Why I love it: It's like singer songwriter meets
sing-songy folksy band with a little bit of pop mixed
in. It's a beautiful, powerful blend.
Favorite song(s): Don't Let It Get You Down
For fans of: Florence & the Machine, Adele,
Of Monsters & Men

Artist: Pokey LaFarge
Album: Pokey LaFarge (listen on spotify)
Why I love it: It sends me back in time.
Like way back. Like Ali and Noah on
The Notebook way back. And you know
that's a great place to be. 
Favorite song(s): Won'tcha Please Don't Do It
For fans of: Justin Townes Earle,
Hank Williams, Sr. 

Album: Life Inside Body (listen on spotify)
Why I love it: I can't seem to get enough of
sisterly harmonies these days. 
Favorite song(s): Daniel Bloom
For fans of: Lily & Madeleine, The Secret Sisters

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Carry Rhea said...

oooh might have to check out the OLMs. love the beach boys!

Carry x