Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back of the closet: '70s style jeans

I feel like surely Joni Mitchell would approve of this tribute to the '70s.

In case you haven't heard, '70s style jeans are back. This can be seen here, here and here. And might I say, thank you! As much as I do love the skinny jeans trend (I mean, hello, nothing makes you look more like a rock star than a pair of grey skinnies, right?), I am sure my waist line and thighs will both be thanking me for the extra wiggle room when I occasionally reach for my much roomier '70s cut wide legged pants.

I have always loved anything to do with the '70s (well, and '60s for that matter). Whether it be fashion or music or decor, I sometimes feel like (and my mom has told me several times) that I was born in the wrong decade. In fact, my friends and I like to joke that I am a "wanna be" hippie. I say "wanna be" because while I love braids and flowy tops and bangles, I am seriously way too Type A to truly be a hippie. Sigh. At least I can dress like one though right?!

So feeling a bit of inspiration from Rachel Zoe, who I think does the boho hippie look quite well, I decided to create this little number. I started by reaching for my '70s style high waisted jeans that have been on hiatus in the "back of my closet" and then pieced the rest of the look together accordingly. And then what do ya know, but linked here off Lucky's weekly e-newsletter, I saw that top handle satchel bags are officially "in" right now because they fit well with the '70s vibe this season. I love feeling validated!

I feel very "Brady Bunch" in this shot with my thrifted 70s style jeans.

I love all the pretty details in this pic. 

My disco glass heart necklace I scored at a recent trip to the ATL market. 
Thrifted shoes.

The front pockets on this consigned BCBG girls bag are great for tossing my keys into.

Wouldn't be the '70s without some braids.


emily said...

The cleanest hippie I know! To quote my Best Friend's Wedding, "love the bag, love the shoes, love everything!"


Honey said...

Such a cute outfit!! LOVE the jeans!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me I have a pair of jeans I failed to have hemmed before the skinny jean revolution occured. To the back of the closet, indeed!