Monday, February 28, 2011

Lucky layers.

Unexpected glittering sweater over plaid dress.

If there's one thing I've learned from Lucky magazine, it's how to layer my clothing. I used to never layer anything about my outfits because, well, let's be honest, I'm what you call a "curvy" girl and I always thought layering just meant I'd look bigger. And while that can sometimes be the case, most times it doesn't. Especially if you do it right.

Now that I'm better at layering than I used to be, I like to really take the true Lucky approach and layer things you wouldn't normally think to layer. For one, it's just fun to put things over each other that you wouldn't normally do because can create a truly unique look. But also, when you layer unexpected things, this helps you create new outfits, without spending money. You're just adding different things together that you already own. You know I'm all about saving some money and using what you already have to create something new.

And since I live in the South, where the weather can change at a moment's notice, I find that layering is all the more helpful (side note: my new roomie from NYC calls our weather bipolar. What a genius description!). This is especially true at the beginning of spring or fall when the morning is cool and crisp, but you're sweating it out by the end of the afternoon. Enter in layers of clothing that allow you to peel off one at a time or pile back on — depending on how you're feeling at that exact moment.

Here's a look I created to help you do just that for the upcoming spring months:

1. Sparkly sweater top, Free People (on sale, $40)
2. Plaid dress, Forever 21 ($21.50)
3. Navy tights, Steinmart ($3.50)
4. Grey knee socks, Target ($2.50)
5. Tan Pumps by Oh Deer!, Rugged Warehouse ($10)
6. Michael Kors sunglasses, TJ Maxx ($9.99)
7. Thrifted bag ($6)

Photos: Laura Menconi

I think this is the perfect berry picking outfit. 

I styled this with navy tights to make it work appropriate.

I tied my collar with a sweet bow instead of letting it lay flat over the sweater.

Knee socks were added for a fun after work approach.

Sweater layer removed for the hot and humid afternoon.


Ashley Baker said...

I love how you pieced all the pieces together!

christen said...

thanks boo!!