Monday, February 14, 2011

It's never too late to say I love you.

Another thing to know about me? I am usually running "fashionably" late. I'm not sure when I picked this habit up, but it was probably about the time I picked up the habit of trying to do a million things in one day. Ok, I digress. Anyway, the point is, this post is a little late in coming, seeing as it's already Valentine's Day night. But I figure it's never too late to say I love you, right? Well, here's a free, and adorable, way to do just that.

I absolutely love mail. Sending mail, receiving mail, doesn't matter. I just love mail. So this year, I thought I would design some old school (read: elementary school), hand-made cards-of-love for my friends. I'm talking pink, red and white with cut out hearts. You know the ones. Some of them I wrote funny things on them like "You cut out my heart when you moved away" and included a cut out heart...hence why it's funny. And on others I wrote a sweet note to my closest girls. Overall, I was pleased with this simple and inexpensive gesture of love for Valentine's Day.

Then it came time to volunteer for sending cards to people within the church. Clearly, as I have already mentioned, I consider sending cards one of my "gifts", so naturally I signed up for this act of charity. I was given a list of eight people and wrote a Wal-mart list to buy eight Valentine's Day cards. Then it hit me, why purchase these cards when I have already made some cute ones for my other friends. So I took a clever saying a friend of mine once received from her friend and added a Bible verse (the greatest love story of all time: God giving up His son for us), used an exacto knife to cut out the heart so that the saying would show through...and voila! A super cute, sweet, thoughtful and free card. All it took was some time, love and cardstock paper.

I even saved the hearts that were cut out and used them to make other cards. 

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