Thursday, February 24, 2011

Validation: The Civil Wars & Paste

Hi guys! Just a quick validation post...because as I said in my post yesterday, I love feeling validated! (but who doesn't, right?!) As I mentioned here in this Grooveshark post, I can't get enough of The Civil Wars. However, I never explained that I first heard them over a year ago on a local radio station when Reg played Poison and Wine (sadly that radio station no longer exists, but you can listen to the Birmingham "solution" to that problem here at Bham Mtn Radio). Then last summer, my friends (including Amy over at To Do! who has been raving about The Civil Wars for a while now) invited me to see the duo play a free show (yes, free show, so you know I was there!) at Samford University here in Bham at the caf. And let me just tell you, hearing The Civil Wars live is a whole other magical experience than hearing them on the radio. I was hooked. Fast forward to less than a year and a Jay Leno appearance later and I would say The Civil Wars are taking off!

I also recently posted a couple of days ago about how much I love the Paste e-newsletter. Well, imagine my delighted surprise when yesterday's Paste homepage featured The Civil Wars playing in their new studio. So there you go! Validation on two accounts: The Civil Wars and Paste. And now thanks to Paste, you can see The Civil Wars perform a couple of songs (for free) on their website, here - just in case they aren't touring in your area. But if The Civil Wars are coming to your town soon, take it from me - a cheapskate - and fork over the money to see them. You won't be disappointed.

Ok, a full "real" post to come later!

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