Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back of the closet: Handmade, Vintage Poncho

One of my coworkers recently said to me, "Christen, I would love to see inside your closet. I don't think I've seen you wear the same thing twice."  I laughed and said I didn't think she'd be impressed. As much as I love my house, if there's one thing I could change, it would definitely be the closets. While decent-sized, they certainly aren't walk-ins and the doors slide so that you can only see one side at a time, which makes creating new outfits more difficult than it should be. Sigh. If only we could all have fabulous closets like Emily over at Cupcakes & Cashmere, seen here. (who, btw, I like to refer to as Emily Cupcakes. I mean, isn't that cute?)

But since neither my closet space — or my wardrobe for that matter — are anywhere near close to that of hers, I gotta do the best I can with what I've got! So I like to make my wardrobe only seem bigger by rotating out certain pieces and mix-matching different items together. One way to do this is to pull something from "the back of the closet" that you really haven't worn in a while and rockin' it in a new way.  Hence my new column: Back of the closet. I think I'll devote this column to Thursdays since that seems to be the day of the week that I need the most fashion motivation.

Today's "Back of the closet" actually came out of the very back of my mom's closet. Apparently my great-grandmother on my dad's side had made this poncho for my mom when my parents were still newlyweds back in the 70s. I still can't believe my mom had been holding out on me with this piece of clothing. Luckily it somehow came up in conversation around the holidays and I still consider this piece to be my favorite Christmas present from last year. It's an instant vintage addition to any ensemble I'm currently wearing.  I prefer to wear it with jeans, but here I decided to mix things up and rock it with a dress.

A sneak peek of what's underneath the poncho.


Honey said...

I love your blog... very informative and it is SO you! Can't wait to check out Grooveshark!

Honey said...

#2 comment....I remember these poncho's from the back of your mom's closet....from the "70's...I guess it IS true that if you hold on to something long enough it will come back in style!

christen said...

Thanks Becky! And you know you're the one I'm talking about in the beginning of this post when you told me a month or so ago that you wanted to see my closet :)