Monday, June 13, 2011

Cheapskated: Kate Spade

Occasionally (but very rarely), I'll have a moment of genius where I'll see something not quite mainstream in a store, fall in love with it, buy it, only to find out later that it is in fact a piece of stylish clothing after all. That's exactly what happened with the shoes seen in my hello, SUMMER post early last week.

Earlier this month, I was at the good ole local Dollar General store in the town where my parents live, shopping for crafty items with my mom and sister-in-law when I saw these shoes. I don't know why but I thought they were just adorable and for only $6.98, I had to have them. They seemed like a fun quirky accessory that I could add to my summer wardrobe. I didn't think they looked much like anything a lot of other people would rock on their feet, which made them appeal to me even more. So imagine my surprise when late last week my Lucky daily e-newsletter featured the above shoes from Kate Spade. They looked awfully familiar! Only the price tag definitely didn't look familiar. I know they aren't exactly alike, but for only $6.98 instead of $99, I think I'll take the Dollar General version.

So if you've been eyeing the Kate Spade version, but couldn't swallow the price tag on it, know that you don't have to! Just visit your local Dollar General and hope that they still have some left in your size! Sorry Kate Spade, but you've been cheapskated!

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