Thursday, June 23, 2011

Product Pick: Eye Makeup Remover

Photo: Laura Menconi

It seems like ever since those gorgeous Kardashians' (particularly Kim) came on the scene, heavy eye makeup became a staple for me...and thousands of other girls, too. I can't seem to get enough eye makeup. The more the better it seems, especially in the winter.

The problem with loving tons of dark liner and mascara and eye shadow is that you have that much more makeup to remove. So you'd think you'd need some fancy schmancy eye makeup remover right? Not so much. My favorite eye makeup remover is actually the liquid Equate brand from Wal-mart. It works wonders (trust me) and it's the cheapest brand I've found, coming in somewhere around $3.43. I actually prefer the Equate brand to the more expensive name brands because it's not as greasy as "the other guys" and it seems to work better, too.

So if you're looking for a cheaper, better eye makeup remover, look no further than your local Wal-mart beauty section! You're welcome.


Honey said...

Thank you for this tip! Do you know of a GOOD but inexpensive facial moisturizer?

christen said...

Currently I don't, I just use regular ole lotion for my face. But I will do some research for you and see what I can find....stay tuned!