Monday, June 27, 2011

Store Spotlight: Payless Shoesource

I'm a typical girl who loves her some shoes, but you know, I have budgetary issues. Therefore, I have been a long time advocate for Payless Shoesource. I can usually walk into any Payless and find at least one pair that I would like to give a new home (my home, to be exact).

However, recently it seems they never have the shoes I want in my size in the store. So guess what. They now offer FREE shipping to a store near you. How fab is that? Just pick out what you like online and have it shipped to the store you prefer. And it's free. And that's why they are my in my store spotlight today.

Here are my top Payless picks:

1. Port Jelly Sandal in yellow, $9.99
2. American Eagle Hitch Laceup Shootie, $34.99
3. Airwalk Hope Canvas Slip-ons in tan, $19.99*
4. Hilari Exotic Peep Toe Pumps, $19.99
5. Moxie Strappy Flat Sandal in gold, $22.99
6. Kan-Kan Ruffle Pump in hot pink, $29.99
7. Kassidy Huarache Sandal, $14.99
8. Mateos D'Orsay Ankle Strap Flat, $49.99
9. Sundance Strappy Wedge in black, $19.99

*The Airwalk Hope Canvas Slip-ons are not only channelling the style of Tom's Shoes, but they also channel their giving nature and will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need with every Hope Canvas shoe purchase.

BONUS: Click here for a 20% off online coupon code for Payless Shoesource. Trust me, I used this code on a pair of shoes I purchased this morning for my upcoming trip to Africa and I saved an additional $6.00!

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Kelly said...

Want those yellow ones! So cute!