Friday, June 10, 2011

What to wear: Music fest edition

I realize Coachella, SXSW, Hangout and Wakarusa have all come and gone, but in honor of Bonnaroo this weekend, I thought I'd create a few different outfit ideas that are perfect for an outdoor music festival. You need to pack light, and it's crazy hot out there, so it's all about using several of the same pieces and being able to keep cool—and comfortable. Oh and don't forget you have to look cool, too.

Casual cutie
As I mentioned, it's gonna be hot. This oversized tank should provide excellent breathing room. And the double-bonus? It's adorable too! Especially with a fedora to keep the sun off your head and outta your eyes.

Styles for Less Oversized Crop Striped Tank in red/white, $16.99
Forever21 Destroyed Denim Cutoffs in light denim, $17.80
Payless Rockwell Woven Low Wedge, $12.99 (I can vouch for how amazingly comfy these are!)
Styles for Less Open Weave Straw Fedora, $10.99
White Wayfarers from, $5.81 (shipping included)
Forever21 Shimmering Faux Stone Necklace, $7.80
Charlotte Russe Perched Owl Ring, $4.00

Almost famous
What better event to let loose and show some hippie creativity than at a music festival? I honestly couldn't pull this one off, but I know some of you other hotties out there can!

Old Navy Stars and Stripes Bikini, $15.00
Forever21 Destroyed Denim Cutoffs in light denim, $17.80
Wet Seal Mesh Crochet Vest, $13.99
Target Xhiliration Soraya Oxford Shoes, $11.88
Urban Outfitters Feather & Bead Headwrap, $ 19.00
Urban Outfitters Round Metal Sunglasses, $14.00
Charlotte Russe Burnished Love Bangles, $4.00

Sweet and simple
Sometimes "kiss"ing really is best. No! Not that kind of kissing! "Keeping-It-Simple-Stupid" kind of kissing. Ok, who am I kidding? That other kind of kissing isn't too bad either. Ha! But seriously,when in doubt, KISS it out: keep it simple, stupid.

Styles for Less Eyelet Tiered Dress, $26.99
Payless Rockwell Woven Low Wedge, $12.99 (I can vouch for how amazingly comfy these are!)
Fred Flare Pink Heart Sunnies, $14.00
Charlotte Russe Hammered Long Shield Ring, $4.00
Charlotte Russe Oval Gem Cocktail Ring, $4.00
Hair options: Straw fedora, Pigtail Buns (high or low) OR two fishtail braids. 

I heart rock n roll
This look pretty much says "I'm with the band." Especially if you apply enough dark eye makeup and keep your hair bed head messy perfect.

Styles for Less Cropped Boy Crazy Tee, $14.99
Styles for Less Tab Side Woven Hot Shorts in black, $8.00 Hot Pink Paisley Bandana (headband for your hair), $2.99
White Wayfarers from, $5.81 (shipping included)
Charlotte Russe Casted Triple Feather Earrings, $4.00

Bring on the rain
If you've ever been to Bonnaroo, you know it always rains. Whether the rain comes before you get there and leaves a muddy mess for you to navigate through or if it comes while your mid-hippie dancing to Mumford and Sons, it's gonna rain. So you best be prepared!

Target Rainboots, $14.98 - $20.98
Big Dee's Clear Hooded Rain Coat, $10.95 
Forever21 Ikat Print Romper, $19.80
Urban Outfitters Crochet Headband, $14.00
Charlotte Russe Burnished Love Bangles, $4.00
Charlotte Russe Perched Owl Ring, $4.00

Bohemian spirit
You can never go wrong with a boho maxi dress for anything music related. Just be warned to pick up your dress as you traipse through the mud and God only knows what else!

Styles for Less Ruffled Trim Maxi Dress in orange, $16.99
Styles for Less Large Straw Hat, $5.99 (or you could substitute for the fedora already mentioned)
Payless Rockwell Woven Low Wedge, $12.99 
Urban Outfitters Round Metal Sunglasses, $14.00
Charlotte Russe Hammered Long Shield Ring, $4.00
Forever21 Shimmering Faux Stone Necklace, $7.80

The beauty of these outfits is that surely you can pull a lot of these items (like the cutoffs) from your very own closet and then just supplement the accessories or maybe one or two tops or a pair of shoes that you don't have by buying them cheaply (as seen here) OR at the thrift store.

In every bag
It's kind of necessary to carry a bag with you from your tent to the show to keep a couple of must haves on you at all time. I found this adorable Love in Bloom canvas bag at for only $1.50! 

Here's what I would keep in that bag to make your music fest a lot more enjoyable:
• Sunscreen
• Chapstick w/SPF
• Band aids
• Rubberbands for your hair
• Granola bars for a snack
• PBJs make for a cheap lunch!

I know this post is "too little too late" for all you Bonnaroo-ers, seeing as how you are already there jamming out. BUT here are a few other incredible upcoming music fests where you can put these outfits into action:

• July 16-18, Green River Festival, Greenfield, MA
• June 16-19, Telluride Bluegrass Festival inTelluride, CO
• June 17-19, Live Oak Music Festival, Santa Barbara, CA
• July 30-31, Newport Folk Fest (thanks todobyamy!) NewPort, RI
• August 5-7, Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL
• August 5-7, Flood City Music Festival, Johnstown, PA
• August 5-7, Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bluesapalooza, Mammoth Lakes, CA
• August 19-21, Rocky Mtn. Folks Festival in Lyons, CO

And if you are at Bonnaroo (and I'm sure you're checking my blog if you are, ha!), check out this article from Paste magazine touting 15 non-headliners not to miss. I'd just like to point out that several of these have been mentioned in my Grooveshark posts at some point or another :)

Happy hippie dancing!

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