Thursday, May 24, 2012

What to pack: Portland edition

I cannot believe it. The day is finally here. I am on an airplane (right now!) flying out to Portland see my longtime friend and old school running partner, Casey. We've been talking about this visit since she moved (almost a year ago!) and I purchased my ticket back way back in early March. So this has been a long time coming.

To say I am psyched is an understatement. I've been to Seattle, but not to Portland. Something tells me I'm gonna like it there! Ok, so maybe it's a someone rather than a something and her name just happens to be Casey, but still! I trust her judgement. Mostly because as I have noticed of late, me and Case are pretty much spot on with our habits.

Ok, so I climb and she bikes, but everything else is there. We both love to run (admittedly she is faster than me, but she's a rockstar that'll slow her roll to hang back with me), we both love (live) music - usually the same exact bands, we both love to eat (maybe me more than her :) and we both love being outdoors.

So I'm super psyched about this trip because a) it's a new city for me to explore b) we're going to do all of the fun activities mentioned above and c) mostly because I knew I had missed this gal, but until the days for this trip ticked down, I didn't realize just how much I've missed her.

Me & Casey at the Avett Brothers show last spring in Tuscaloosa

Since she gave me the bright idea of the "What to pack" blogposts, I couldn't let her down with this one. Casey seems to think my style is gonna fit right in to the scene at Portland, so she wanted to see what I would fill my suitcase with so she could get some style inspiration herself (though I insist she doesn't need it.)

As I've mentioned (three times now) I haven't been to Portland so I am basing my outfits around the stereotypes that are associated with the city and the Pacific Northwest in general. I'm thinking pretty casual (I had to pry the heels and wedges out of my hands so that I wouldn't pack them) and not a lot of bright colors.

Really, I'm pulling out my most hipster items. I've got flat sandals, dark colors and of course a plaid top, a fedora and my vintage Ray Ban Wayfarers. Oh and I'd be an idiot not to pack a rain jacket, though honestly I'm hoping to hit up an REI or a local outdoors store to get some new rain gear since this jacket is at least 7 years old and has seen better days. There's also a tiny crossbody bag in the mix that's perfect for keeping things light while carrying the essentials when we go see the Alabama Shakes play an outdoor show.

Of course I have my running gear and my climbing shoes because there will be lots of runs in our future for the next few days and I'm pretty psyched to be hitting up the Portland Rock Gym as well. I've got a couple of breezy dresses thrown in and a romper too for any biking, dinner or thrifting adventures.

Seriously, this is going to be the greatest trip ever....are you jealous yet?!

I think Case has pretty much everything planned, but if anyone out there wants to throw any Portland suggestions my way, I will gladly take them! Especially if you know where to go for thrift and vintage stores. Leave me a comment below.

Hope you all have a great long weekend!

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Natasha said...

How can I rock a romper? HALP!