Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Natasha's guest blog post: Mid-Century Modern Finds for May

I’ve been a big fan of Christen — and her fashion sense! — ever since she took me under her wing four years ago while I was interning in Birmingham. She showed me around the city, made me laugh with all her funny jokes, introduced me to her rad friends and cooked up some ridiculously good meals for us share. So as you can probably guess, I was quite ecstatic when she gave me the opportunity to write a guest post on her fabulous blog!

As the theme of this blog is being fashion-forward on a budget, I wanted to share my favorite Mid-Century Modern-inspired items that I thrifted during the month of May. Mid-Century Modern has enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity with the rise of Mad Men, but thankfully if you find pieces in a second-hand store, you can still get them for super cheap! Here's my haul for the month of May:

Mid-Century Modern Hutch, $39, Salvation Army 

This hutch looks delightful in my dining room, and I love that it showcases all my beloved dishes!
Note: All dishes in the hutch were either thrifted or gifted.

Though I definitely needed to tighten the screws on the hutch’s legs and give the whole thing a thorough polish, the elbow grease was worth it. Even with its scratches, nicks and other imperfections, it’s such a nice addition to the space.

Yves Saint Laurent Tie, $3, Reclamation 

When I saw this vintage polka-dotted YSL tie, I had to get it. My husband is becoming quite the tie enthusiast, and I knew he’d love to add it to his growing collection.

Command Performances by Enoch Light, $.50, Value World 

Pretty much anything from Command Records is tops in my book. I started picking up these amazing records on a whim one day when I was out thrifting in Nebraska with my dad. As it turns out, the sophisticated bachelor pad music turned out to be just as cool as the album artwork. This find is no exception.

Here’s the tracklisting:

01 - La Dolce Vita
02 - Tonight
03 - Army Medley
04 - September Song
05 - Stairway To The Sea
06 - Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
07 - Fly Me To The Moon
08 - That's My Desire
09 - That Old Black Magic
10 - The Third Man Theme
11 - Rio Junction (Bossa Nova)
12 - Oh Lady Be Good

Many of Enoch Light’s songs are available on Spotify and Grooveshark. Give them a listen, and you’ll have pretty much no other choice than to incorporate them into your playlist when your next swanky cocktail party rolls around.

Natasha Richardson O’Neill is a longtime fan of Fashionplate Cheapskate — and a longtime friend of the Fashionplate herself! Natasha lives with her husband in Indianapolis and works as a content correspondent for Raidious. She loves hazelnut coffee and, of course, thrifting.

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