Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back of the closet: Pink pleated top

I have had this pink top for probably almost as long as I have been working in the "real world." I'm pretty sure I went to Ann Taylor Loft to stock up on some necessities as I entered my first job post college and this top has been lurking around in my closet ever since. Several times I've thought about passing it on to someone else, but never quite could part with it for some reason.

I think that by hanging on to it for so long, I had a bit of good closet karma because I've been wanting to pull off a monochromatic color scheme with an outfit for quite some time (though never would I ever have thought that color would be pink!). So when I brought this amazing thrifted skirt home with me from my trip to North Carolina, I realized that if I paired it with that old pink top from the Loft, then it I had a brand new outfit centered around a shirt that already had a pretty decent resume. How's that for a remix?

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. Pink pleated top, Ann Taylor Loft ($24.99)
2. Pink pleated skirt, thrifted ($2.00)
3. Platforms, Charlotte Russe ($16.25)
4. Vintage handbag, thrifted ($10.00)
5. Sunglasses, Venice Beach ($7.00)
6. Bangles, gifted (thanks Ashley!)
7. Leaf ring, gifted (thanks Em!)

I couldn't resist posting this one of me in the wind tunnel! It looks like I had a fan blowing on me but I can assure that my photoshoots are not quite that intense. 

photos: Laura Menconi


Mara said...

I love your skirt! And the fact that it was thrifted for $2. You gotta love finds like that! Your shirt is so pretty, too!

Natasha Fatah said...

Love your pink on pink action right here. :)

~Natasha Fatah~

Nav said...

love the top, I have a similar one in mint from H&M!

Pollino84 said...

cute look! <3

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caitlin said...

this is so, so pretty! i love the double pleats and the monochromatic pink--such a romantic look.

Natasha said...


*Glam Chameleon* said...

How pretty those colors look on u!! <3<3<3 Lovely style and blog!