Monday, March 28, 2011

Small town Saturday

Growing up, I always thought I lived in a small town. I mean, we had to drive over a half hour for the nearest mall, just so we could shop at American Eagle. Yes, American Eagle was all the rage when I was in high school :) Anyways, I only thought I lived in a small town...that is until this weekend when I visited one of my best friends in the town she grew up in. We thought it'd be fun to go to lunch and shop in their "downtown" area and then hit the Goodwill for some thrifting finds. And wow, we definitely found some great items - the good, the bad and most certainly the ugly! But all in all it was a super fun day and made me think that maybe had I only been a little more creative and open minded when I was in high school, I might could have made some great finds in my very own small town!

Here are just a few photos from mine and my friend Ashley's adventures this weekend.

First we stopped for lunch at Miller Drug. So yummy!

A cheeseburger AND fries for only $5.75? Yes please!

We first stopped at Hammer's but that was a bust, so it was on to Bennett's.

At a small town store like Bennett's, you could find some awful overalls like these. 

Or you could find a blazer, a la Ron Burgundy, and could pose with a 1980 Kenny Roger poster.

Or you could score these awesome Alexa Chung type shoes and fancy belt. Total price: $4.73!

Then it was on to the Goodwill where Ashley found this disaster.

But I managed to find this ah-mazing cape 70s dress at the Goodwill.

And this fantastic short black winter dress...oh and a butter yellow shirt - total price: $9.78!

Isn't this collar detail on this dress fantastic?!

So clearly, if you live in a small town and think it has no fashion to offer, think again! Take another look around and see if you can't create something fab out of something that might typically be thought of as drab. And the best part is that because it's in a small town, it should be crazy cheap like our purchases were! 

Happy hunting! 


MAGDArling said...

the black maxi 70s dress looks fab!<3

Honey said...

BENNETT's!!! My good friend, Anne's family owns Bennett's. Were you in Clanton or Athens?

I love the black maxi also...and the shorts.....from the other post...

christen said...

Actually we were in Oneonta, AL - do they own that one too? Or perhaps there are different Bennett's stores? I honestly don't know!

btw, missing you at work!!!