Thursday, March 8, 2012

One skirt, two ways

So you guys know by now that I love to "remix" my closet and make items work in different ways so that my
closet (and my wardrobe) looks bigger than it really is. So when Sugarlips asked me to choose three items from their inventory that I like and they would send me one of them, I might've had a hard time picking just three, but this fabulous skirt was definitely number one on my list! The reasons being because a) its super cool pattern b) the color combination c) the cut and the pockets and d) because I knew all of the above would make this skirt easy to rock in
the summer and the winter. Thus giving me endless ways to style it no matter what the season.

That all means that when this hot little number showed up in my mailbox and I tried it on, I knew there was no
way I could style it just one way for the photoshoot. So you guys get a little taste of how you can style one
very specific skirt in two very different ways. I love that even though the fabric of this skirt is sheer and breezy,
it isn't see through at all. It's so flowy and fun.

And just in case you were wondering what else I had my mind on at Sugarlips you can see the other top contenders here, here and here. And honestly I can't quit thinking about them, so expect to see me work at least one of these
pieces into another post later after I break down and buy one of them soon!

Ok, now let's get down to business.

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown for look one (spring/summer):

1. Skirt, c/o Sugarlips
2. Polka dot top (gifted)
3. Socks, Charlotte Russe ($2.99)
4. Platform shoes, Charlotte Russe ($16.25)
5. Cuff bracelet (gifted)
6. Bangles (gifted)
7. Clutch, Target ($9.99)
8. Vintage sunglasses (gifted/passed down - thanks mom!)
9. Earrings, trade day ($.50)
10. Vintage cocktail ring (gifted)

And here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown for look two (fall/winter):

1. Skirt, c/o Sugarlips
2. Navy RL turtleneck, TJ Maxx ($12.99)
3. Vest, Forever21 ($7.99)
4. Guess boots, sale at Macy's ($54.53)
5. Bag, Africa ($15.00)
6. Wooden bangles, ATL market ($1.00 each)
7. Earrings, Africa (gifted - thanks Ashley!)
8. Vintage sunglasses (gifted/passed down - thanks mom!)
9. Thumb ring, Charlotte Russe ($2.99 - part of stackable set)

photos: Laura Menconi


Natasha said...

Looking lovely! :-D

Ally Munda said...

i love that skirt! the print is so lovely and the cut is perfect. i've been looking for a skirt like this for forever and i'm infinitely jealous that you have one!

christen said...

thanks Ally! looks like Sugarlips still has some of these skirts in stock.... :)