Friday, March 16, 2012

What to wear: St. Patty's Day

After looking at past St. Patty's Day pics, my friends and I decided that everyone looks fabulous in green and that
we should wear that color more often! So ladies, get ready to look good in green this St. Patty's Day weekend.
And here are a few outfits for inspiration in case you're still trying to piece together something amazing out of your
closet...or if you're looking to purchase something new altogether!

Have a great weekend yall! Don't get pinched!


Ally Munda said...

St. Paddy's green is such a lovely shade of the color. Well, really any green is cool...a bit funky but wearable.

MAGDArling said...

5.<3 i love mint green!
how u been sweetie?:)