Friday, March 23, 2012

Plated: Jake & Kristin

So this inspiration board is just a tad bit random. Ok. It's a lot random. But this is sadly just how my brain works sometimes. I was asked by one of my favorite clients recently to create a shower invitation and all I was really told
was "shades of purple." Which immediately conjured up the thought of a Grapico in my mind for some reason
(fat kid?!). So I went with it.

For some reason, even though I do not know her at all,  I got the impression that the bride was not a super girly girl.
So I wanted the invitation to be feminine enough to say bridal shower, but not too much. Which meant I ended up
taking the majority of pattern inspiration from an iphone cover I had seen on this website last week. For some reason
I thought I could tweak it and it would work. I made the outlining circles "squiggly" which immediately made me
think of the Spirograph arts and crafts game we had when I was growing up.

At the last minute I felt something was missing, so I added the bride and groom cake topper and I think I am a fan
of the final product! And it turned out that the pattern I created for her was extremely close to the pattern on her
actual wedding invites. I love it when I have that rare design intuition. So glad it all worked out.

What do you guys think?!


Ally Munda said...

Really cute. Great design, what a lucky bride.

Amy said...

Super cute! I once designed an invitation for a baby shower (and I am NOT artistic) and I never want to do that again! We un-artistic girls should leave that kind of thing to you!!