Thursday, March 29, 2012

What to wear: Easter Sunday

When I was a little girl, dressing up for Easter Sunday was a BIG deal. You got a new pretty dress that you couldn't wear before that particular Sunday. Oh and new tights too of course, you couldn't have picks on your tights for
Easter. And usually, it involved a new pair of shiny white patent shoes. Maybe every once in a while as you got
older, there was a new handbag thrown in, too.

While I think a lot of this was just tradition for small Southern towns, I think it all went back to "looking our best"
for God. And I honestly think a lot of it had to do with that you just didn't get new clothes as often back then (yes I
am referring to the 80s as "back then"), so this was time when a splurge was not only encouraged, but it was expected. This was a time set aside specifically for buying a few new pieces - you always put Easter Sunday in your budget!

As I got older, I strayed from this tradition, but now I am beginning to think I like the idea of shopping and saving a dress or an ensemble for a special occasion. So while I will most likely wear a lovely lavender vintage piece I have for Easter this year, I'm thinking next year I'm going to go Easter shopping!

For those of you looking for inspiration of what to wear next Sunday, here are a few leading ladies all dressed in anything I considered to be perfect for Easter. Whether you like to go traditional with bright Spring colors or pastels
or whether you prefer to stay a little more neutral in something black, there's a little something here for everyone!

ps. yes, I know I used this same photo of Lily Collins last time, but I seriously love this look of hers. And I'm kind of obsessed with mint green these days.


Ally Munda said...

I love the dress Lily Collins is wearing. AMAZING!

Patty Ocampo said...

inlove with Lily Collins and Jessica Parkers dresses!!!