Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back of the closet: Cut offs

It seems this article of clothing has been in my closet for a really long time. In fact, after looking
at these photos, I think I've had them for too long and it's time to retire them! What started off as
Levi jeans, became a pair of cut off shorts. Next I think I'll save them for a future clothing swap
so they can find a good home with someone else for a while. But for now, they get their last few
minutes of glory as the feature on this post.

I pieced together this little mod outfit (based around the cut offs since it was so warm that day) for
an afternoon out with my friend Amy a couple of weekends ago. The overall "nod to mod" seemed
appropriate since we were hitting up my favorite Bham vintage store. So I went with that approach
when editing the photos, too. It might be a bit "much" but I thought it was a cool effect to give the
photography, so I kept them that way!

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. Levi cut offs, ??
2. Pastel yellow top, thrifted ($2.99)
3. Black oxfords, TJ Maxx ($12.99)
4. Bag, Africa ($15.00)
5. Scarf, gifted
6. Vintage Ray Ban sunglasses, gifted (thanks Mom!)
7. Bangles, gifted (thanks Ashley!)
8. Thumb ring, Charlotte Russe ($2.99 - part of stackable set)
9. Vintage cocktail ring, gifted (thanks Cathy!)

photos: Amy D. at To Do by Amy


MAGDArling said...

hey dear! i love that shirt, beautiful colour!:)

Natasha said...

I've always been leery about oxfords. They are so, so cute. But I never thought they'd look good on me, so I've never even bothered trying any on.

But after seeing your blog post, I'm in love!

Lo and behold, I found a faux patent leather pair in a nude tone at the thrift store today. As luck would have it, they were in my size!

Of course, I snapped those cuties up, and I'm wearing them today!

Thanks for the inspiration! :-)