Thursday, April 5, 2012

Plated: Natasha & Greg

I was posed with a big challenge recently...designing some invitations for my friend Natasha's reception/save-the-
date for her upcoming tropical vow ceremony. It was a challenge to me because Natasha is one of the coolest girls I know, so I was putting pressure on myself big time to design something that would reflect her personality and style.

Natasha and I met while she interned for The Progressive Farmer, the magazine I worked at for seven years. I was immediately drawn to her gorgeous hair and funky vintage, thrifted style. Then as I got to know her and also
learned she was heading to Bonnaroo in a couple of weeks, I knew we'd be the best of friends. And since she was
new in town and didn't have a car, I made it my personal goal to see to it that we did in fact become BFFs that
summer. Thankfully it has just worked out that we still keep in touch and that we've been able to visit each other
usually at least once a year.

So back to the invitation. Even though I had the inspiration board she sent me (which, I mean, how cool is that?!) I
still struggled at first. I loved the colors she chose, so that was easy. But incorporating all the info and trying to make
it "hip" was a problem for me. At first I used her idea of using the design on her wedding dress (pictured above on a
different bride). But then she and Greg decided they wanted photos, which makes total sense, so we replaced that
design with the photo strip on the side instead and I think it's pretty cute. I also took a lot of the design elements from the books pictured. Even so, I still wasn't in love with my first draft so of course I had to make another version, which
I do like better, but I'm still not 100% sold on it.

I think I might just be being too hard on myself because Natasha is still perfectly happy with the first version and I
think Greg ended up liking the second option better! Funny.

So naturally I'm curious, what do you guys think? And which of these do you like best? Leave me a comment and
let me know!

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