Monday, April 2, 2012

Consignment review: Zoe consignment boutique

One of my favorite places to visit/shop in Birmingham is Zoe consignment boutique. Probably because it's the
only shop that I am aware of in Birmingham that has an area devoted to vintage pieces. I think it's such a unique
place that offers vintage and also current items for consignment sale. It's too bad that I don't make more of an
effort to get over to that side of town more often.

However, when I do make it to Zoe, I like to have a game plan before going into the store. First I determine if I am
looking for vintage or modern pieces. Since the vintage items are upstairs and the modern pieces are downstairs,
this helps me to figure out which part of the store I'll be spending my time in. There are also a ton of great hats,
wigs, purses and shoes to search through, so I try to decide which of those items I need to focus on.

Beyond finding affordable one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and name brands like Coach, BCBG, Louis Vuitton,
etc at budget-friendly prices, there are other bonuses to shopping at Zoe. First, the staff is super friendly. Next, the owner is a local and puts a strong emphasis on community. And third, the neighborhood Zoe is located in, Forest
Park, is fab. It's the perfect place to spend the better part of your day with other shops including Full Circle and
Naked Art Gallery and great places to eat like V. Richards Cafe, Little Savannah and Silvertron Cafe.

In fact, my friend Amy and I just spent the majority of our Saturday in Forest Park this past weekend for her birthday. We had brunch at V. Richards and then shopped at Full Circle and Zoe. While I didn't have a "magic moment" with a vintage piece, we did get to witness a high school girl have a very magical moment when she tried
on a pretty pink sparkly prom dress that fit her perfectly. And I ended up giving a sweet nightgown and a sparkly
little handbag a new home. It was a pretty good way to spend the day!

Oh and if you do make it to Zoe, be sure to sign up for their free e-newsletter. It's a great way to get reminders,
updates and info about special promotions going on at the store.

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Ally Munda said...

A whole area for vintage pieces? Awesome possum.