Friday, April 6, 2012

Back of the closet: Floral skirt

I have to admit, when I first found this skirt at the thrift store, I thought my sole intention would be to only wear it
as a dress. But then the next thing you know, floral prints are huge and long skirts are in, too. Boom. It's a win-win.
So I took a look at my closet recently and decided to try it out as it was intended—as a skirt—and I really like the outcome. It's appropriate for spring and yet, it's also a bit romantic I think, since the skirt is long and flowy.

Oh and it helps that I have awesome folks who give me in some pretty amazing accessories to complete my wardrobe.
I have four things gifted in this one post!

Here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:

1. Floral skirt, thrifted ($2.99)
2. Tank top, Target ($8.99)
3. Cream jacket, Parisian ($29.99)
4. Tan wedges, Charlotte Russe ($12.50)*
5. Clutch, gifted (thanks mom!)
6. Squirrel necklace, gifted (Thanks Em!)
7. Vintage Ray Ban sunglasses, gifted (thanks mom!)
8. Leaf ring, Charm, gifted (Thanks Em!)
9. Earrings, ATL market ($2.00)

*Charlotte Russe has the best sales, including a recent one of buy one pair of shoes and get the next pair for $12.50.

Photos: Laura Menconi


Liv and Isabelle said...

Great skirt! You look great and I love your shoes.
Blues and Shoes

Benlovesting said...

Cute outfit you have here <3

April Cheung said...

beautiful skirt! im very picky when it comes to florals, and i just love yours!

tank top dress said...

Lovely outfit, so beautiful!