Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Featured online retailer: ZB Sports

I like to buy "local" when I can, mostly as an effort to support the Birmingham community. And for some reason, I especially feel the pressure to do this with any outdoors or exercise apparel or equipment that I buy. Probably because we have some pretty great stores around here to shop at and purchase these items. But usually you can save money when you buy online and sometimes my thrifty nature just wins out.

So when it came time to buy new running shoes a few weeks ago, I gave in to purchasing them online this time. But I found a way to appease both my wallet and my conscience with ZB Sports. They had a great selection of shoes (particularly the Saucony Kinvaras that I had been looking for and now LOVE) for a great price...and guess what else. They give a portion of their proceeds to charity! You can choose from a variety of animal, environmental and health organizations that you would like for your percentage to be donated to.

I got my affordable shoes (delivered to my house—quickly) and I helped out a charity. To me, this is a no brainer. So if you're looking for some new kicks or maybe some outdoors/active wear, I think you should give www.zbsports.com a try!

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