Friday, April 27, 2012

What to wear: Spring/Summer Weddings

In honor of two very good friends of mine that are getting married this weekend (Emily in KCMO today and Tayo back in my hometown tomorrow) and the fact that I am missing both of their weddings because it's track season, I thought I would do a "what to wear" post for weddings. I know I always need a little inspiration for these events during this time of year (and more inspiration is needed for fall and winter weddings!) so I thought maybe you gals could use a few styling ideas as well.

I chose these leading ladies to offer a variety of styles for either casual or formal weddings, but yet they are all still polished enough for a special occasion like this.

QUESTION: I almost chose a red dress that Michelle Williams was wearing...would any of you guys ever wear a
red dress to a wedding? Or is that asking for all eyes to be on you instead of the bride?

Opinions welcome! Leave me a comment below. 

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Anonymous said...

Great looks!