Thursday, April 12, 2012

What to pack: Road trip to North Carolina

I absolutely love a good road trip. So I am stoked to be heading up to North Carolina to see my friend Emily soon!
Plus, I've never been to Winston-Salem and I haven't seen her house yet either, so I am excited about visiting for
those reasons. But mostly, I am just excited to hangout with my friend who I haven't seen since last fall when she and
her husband came down to Alabama for a visit.

I haven't taken a road trip in quite some time (especially not alone!), so I started thinking I might need to plan a few
things out. After talking with Em about everything we planned to do, I looked at the closet and pulled a few key
pieces that I could throw into a bag and remix for my wardrobe over the weekend. I know I'll have my car and I
could pack as much as I want, but since this is a fast and furious trip and I'll be jetting out right after work, I figured
less was more in this case.

So here's a quick peek into the majority of what I plan to bring with me to NC (pictured above):

1. We are going to do tons of fun things this weekend, but I am most excited about going for a run with Em and
then hitting up a pure barre class afterward. So I'm bringing my new Sauncony Kinvaras (which I love!) and a
couple of running outfits in case I find time to explore the town on foot Friday while she is at work.

2. I think this jersey knit dress will be perfect for running around town to thrift stores and other boutiques on

3. You can never go wrong with a classic white button down. I can use this as a shirt and/or as a jacket over the
tube dress.

4. I think it's still going to be a bit chilly up there, so I think if I wear these cowboy boots with the dress, I should
be dressed perfectly for the weather. And it's pretty cute together, too!

5. This maxi dress will be perfect for the movie we are hitting up at the RiverRun International Film Festival
Saturday night and then also for dinner afterward.

6.  It's always good to have a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans in the mix.

7. Even though I am bummed the weather turned cold again, I am psyched that it means I have a chance to wear
this awesome Sugarlips jacket. I think it will look great over everything I am bringing for the weekend.

8. This is my favorite crossbody bag because it is just large enough to fit everything I need, yet still small enough
to not be annoying. Plus it goes with just about any outfit you pair it with.

9. Gotta bring the hip oxfords in case I decide to go with flats instead.

10. These wedges are gonna look smokin hot with the maxi dress.

11. I love this jewelry roll fold Emily gave all of us bridesmaids at her wedding. It makes transporting jewelry
so much easier!

12. I don't know if this needs an explanation. I will be in a car for 8 hours. I need snacks...and energy drinks—
lots of them!

13. I would be the worst friend ever if I didn't bring Em a little piece of Birmingham with me—some wedding
cake cupcakes from Dreamcakes bakery. They are seriously the best.

Hope you all have just as much fun of a weekend as I am going to have!


emily said...

so excited so excited so excited
fun fun fun fun cannot wait cannot wait cannot wait cannot wait bff bff bff

Nancy said...

I am so proud of you and love this site! Gave you a shout out today :) Here's the link and have fun on your trip. love and hugs, Miss Nancy