Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guide to Birmingham Dining, vol. 1

Just in case anyone out there is planning on visiting or moving to Birmingham anytime soon and you need some food for thought, I figured I'd throw out some of my favorite restaurants I like to frequent. And yes, this is just volume one because there are so many good places to eat here. So expect a volume two, three, four later down the road.

{one} Rojo
Cuisine: Mexi-American
Address: 2921 Highland Ave.
What to expect: Hipsters and country clubbers—believe it or not. Oh and dogs.
Pricing: $10±
You should get there early or late. I'm a firm believer that the only way to really experience Rojo is by sitting on the patio and to do this you have to find the "perfect" timing.

{two} Niki's 
Cuisine: Soul food (southern meat and three)
Address: 1101 2nd Ave. N. (& niki's west is at 233 Finley Ave. West) 
What to expect: A lot of vegetables to choose from in the buffet line.
Pricing: $10±
You should go on your lunch break and know what you want before you get to the counter to order, they are usually in a hurry!

{three} Dreamcakes
Cuisine: Cupcakes and other desserts
Address: 960 Oxmoor Rd.
What to expect: A cute bakery with beautiful, creative delicious dessert concoctions
Pricing: $3±
You should try...the wedding cake cupcake. It's simply sugary deliciousness. 

{four} El Barrio
Cuisine: Mexican with a twist
Address: 2211 2nd Ave. N.
What to expect: Fresh, unique Mexican dishes and a long wait. This place is still hoppin, so get there early.
Pricing: $10-$20±
You should try...the vegetarian tacos. I'm the least healthy-type-of-eater out there and I love these. Omg, AND the cheese dip with chorizo. Do not leave without getting that!

{five} J. Clyde
Cuisine: Bar food/American and Southern fusion
Address: 1312 Cobb Lane
Pricing: $10-$20±
You should try...the chicken fingers and sweet potato fries. I know there are other things on the menu, but I honestly haven't made it past this option or the burger. 

Cuisine: Pizza
Address: 2837 Cahaba Rd.
What to expect: A kid-friendly restaurant with the best thin crust pizza ever. 
Pricing: $10-20±
You should try...the meat lover's special. (unless you're against eating meat, that is.)

Bon appetit!