Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What to wear: Garden Party

What the heck exactly is a garden party you might ask? Um, a party in a garden? Right?

Honestly ever since my friend Natasha informed me that if I wanted to attend the "garden party" when I
arrive in Indianpolis on Friday night I could, I immediately thought "what constitutes a garden party and
what the heck do I wear for such an occasion?"

I figured maybe since I was questioning this, some of you other girls are, too. So I pulled some ideas from a
few well-dressed leading ladies based on the idea of my above description that it's just a party in someone's
outdoor patio/garden area.

I think as long as I wear a dress or something nice, I'm doing ok. But since I still think there should be some
defining criteria to what to wear to a garden party, my choices involved items that were pretty pastels or
neutrals or flowy dresses or floral patterns or long dresses and skirts. Because those are things you'd wear to a
garden party, right?


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