Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Make this, don't buy that: Skull tee shirt

I'll confess. This post happened in a sort of backwards kind of way. Instead of seeing the finished product and looking for a cheaper alternative, I first saw this tutorial on how to make this super cool skull tee shirt on Jennifer's blog here. But she took it from the Hurley blog and you can find their step-by-step instructions here.

Later as I was searching through Urban Outfitters website I came across said rad tee shirt here and was immediately like "no way!" So I decided it merited a 'make this, don't buy that' post since the tee shirt is in fact $39 and I know you guys can make it for a lot less. I seriously have to put this DIY project on my to do list!*

*If you're like me and you aren't cool with showing that much of your back (and ahem, not wearing a bra) then I'd suggest wearing a tank top under it.


Ally Munda said...

I have one! Well, I made one last year. I get so scared to wash it though


Jennifer said...

I made this tee too!

xo Jennifer