Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The dish on being injured

In short? It sucks.

I could honestly probably leave it at that, but let's count the ways how much I hate being injured.

1. I can't run
2. I can't climb
3. I can't shower (ew, gross. I know you probably could've done without that, sorry!)
4. I currently look like a half storm trooper (no more purple cast, I've got a new fancy brace gadget)
5. Since I'm pretty much stuck with strapless dresses, it means I'm also stuck with strapless bras (ugh! seriously! do you feel bad for me now?)
6. And clearly I can't post new blog photos b/c who wants to see pics of someone who can't do the above things?!

The pluses? (is that a word? is it even spelled correctly?)

1. I have a cool story (I fell while rock climbing....even if it was in the gym)
2. I get to "sleep in" since there are no early morning runs
3. I have amazing friends who do sweet things like cook me dinner, wash my hair, send emails & texts to check on me and buy me little presents to make me feel better when I am completely bummed out by all of the above (seriously, you try wearing a strapless bra for 3 weeks straight and tell me what kind of a mood you're in! :)

All in all, I am trying to be positive and patient. Throughout this process the most positive takeaways I have is everything that I am learning. I have discovered who my friends are/how awesome they are, how much exercise plays a role in my happy daily attitude and (sadly/quite honestly) the extent of my vanity. I've also discovered just much I really do need to work on that whole "patience" quality! And I've found out I'm pretty stupid resilient, because I totally plan on climbing again as soon as I am all healed up and ready to go.

Of course I might get on the rocks and freak out...we'll see. Hope yall stay around for the rest of the ride!

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Jennifer said...

Although that picture is kind of hilarious, I hope you have a speedy recovery!

xo Jennifer