Friday, July 27, 2012

What to pack: Road trip to Indianapolis

Here we go. I'm off on another road trip! This time to see my long-time friend Natasha, who I haven't seen in a truly ridiculous amount of time. In fact, I don't even want to think about when the actual last time I saw her was because I think it will make me mad at myself for not visiting her sooner!

The reason for this trip, aside from catching up, is to celebrate her recent marriage to Greg with a reception/party (you might've seen that pretty fab little invitation we created together for this event). There will be parties and brunches all weekend, which I think will be a fun time. And I actually was with Natasha when she met Greg for the first time when we stopped in Indy on another road trip many moons ago, so I know that I like the city of Indianapolis. It reminds me a bit of Birmingham, which you know I am partial to :)

But as usual, mostly I am just excited about seeing an old friend and getting to stay in their home so that I can get the first hand knowledge of what her life as a newlywed truly in Indy is like. I expect lots of late night talks and giggles, good food, adventures around town, cute clothes wardrobe changes and a lot of fun.

So above is what I am taking with me to ensure that I am dressed for the part at all times! Hope you all have a fun & friend-filled weekend as well!

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Tori said...

Such pretty clothes! Have fun on your trip :)