Thursday, July 26, 2012

Plated: Put a bird on it

With all the cute bird images on clothing, jewelry, furniture etc, it wasn't too hard to gather some inspiration for a bird invitation that my coworker wanted me to design for her daughter's first birthday.

However, the spin was that it couldn't be too girly since it was also a surprise party for her husband Sae. I figured I could just keep the pink to a minimum and throw in a blue and a green color, add a funky and not too girly background to the mix, and boom, there was a little bit of cute bird magic.

I guess those crazy kids from Portlandia we're right. Put a bird on it!

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Giovanna said...

Great inspo! Loving the ring! The card came out great!


Hair Extensions Australia said...

I love the birdie card..the surprise element and the beautiful artwork on the pillowcase.

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