Friday, July 13, 2012

What to wear: Injured edition, vol. 2

You didn't think I'd do something absolutely ridiculous like break my arm and be able to resist turning it into a blog post, did you? Good, I'm glad you finally know me better than that!

Anyhow, I'll spare you all the details of how it happened and just say that basically I was finally improving at climbing, I was working on a route in "the cave" and as I was climbing out of it, I went for a left hold that I didn't make, and boom. I fell 8 feet or so to the ground, and stuck my left arm out to break fall my right at the very end. Which is precisely what it did: broke. my. fall. I should've asked for a spotter. le sigh. Hindsight. It'll get you everytime!

So yeah, just a little seems that if you break your humerus, apparently the best time to do so is in the summer. Cause all I've been able to wear since it happened two and a half weeks ago is strapless dresses. Lucky for me WWWD just so happened to publish this article recently about how celebrities wear strapless items. It's weird though cause I think they are all missing a very important stylish accessory (ahem. a purple cast.)

And while I hope none of you out there ever break any arm (or anything else for that matter), if by chance you do, here are some tips. They're very similar to my first installment of WTW: Injured edition (yes, I know, I need to find another hobby. Probably not gonna happen though. Sorry mom.)

1. Strapless dresses. I can't imagine trying to fit anything over the cast. It's just way less time consuming to go ahead and give in to a strapless dress wardrobe. I prefer shorter ones. For some reason I feel less drab in those over a maxi. Weird, yes I know.

2. Hat. Yep, once again difficult to wash my hair. Luckily I have amazing friends and mom to help out, but a hat and some dry shampoo will be your best friend for days inbetween.

3. Crossbody bag. Keep this as light weight as possible just because the cast is heavy enough.

4. Nails. Make sure you pick a nail color that will go well with the color of your cast! :)

5. Shoes. Luckily flats are only necessary the first week or two, until you adjust the cast. Now I can wear heels!

6. Backpack. This is pretty much crucial so I can throw my laptop in it for easy transportation to and from the office.

And here's the cheapskate outfit breakdown:
1. Strapless floral dress, TJ Maxx ($14.99)
2. Hat, Rugged Wearhouse ($3.99)
3. Crossbody bag, thrifted ($3.00)
4. Flats, ?? (??)
5. Sunnies, gifted (thanks Joy!)
6. Purple cast (priceless)

Total: Under $50.00

Photos: Laura Menconi

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alex21 said...

Very beautiful girl in nice dress.Did you take the cast off?