Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cheap trick: Flat iron your clothes

I realize that with today's post you guys are about to get a full confession about my lack of domestic skills laziness. Actually it's probably more of an apathy towards wrinkles. Irregardless, I simply do not iron. What's the point right? More than that, who has time?!

However, I have found myself in a few tricky situations lately where there was maybe just one small piece of a shirt or dress that desperately needed pressing. As in, things had gotten smooshed in my closet and folded up the wrong way, leaving a collar, etc sticking straight up. That just will not do. Even I am not so lazy that I would leave that (ok maybe I would if it didn't just look absurd have done that before).

So what's a girl to do but realize that her hair straightener (ie, flat iron) is already hot and will press that collar down in a jiffy. Yep, I totally flat ironed my clothes one (ok, more than one) morning.

As much as I would like to think I am a pioneer in this new method, something tells me I probably am not. But here's hoping that maybe I gave a few of you an idea for another cheap time saving trick like this one.

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Kristian said...

I had never thought of this before. Genius!